Curtis Sayers is an illustrator based in Boston who strives to communicate complex
ideas and information with dynamic visual solutions.
Discovery Channel, Air & Space/Smithsonian, Northeastern University, Case Western University School of Law, Stony Brook University, Enevo, City of Eugene, Ferguson Enterprises,
Museum of Science, Nexergy, Rice University, Fabrico, CommCreative, HomeServe USA,
The Mary Baker Eddy Library, Raytheon, Design Language, Agility Logistics, Markem-Imaje,
Genser Energy Africa, Fuel Cell Energy, Euro-Pro, CDI Meters, Analysis Group, ivWatch, SimplexGrinnell, More Aqua, Intex Recreation Corp., The Heinz Endowments, Cayan, Insolia/HBN Shoe, Redgate Design, ECT2, 9thWonder, Curran & Connors, Monogram Group, UMass Amherst